Why Play Football for the Jr. Lancers

Posted on April 13, 2022

The number one reason is it’s fun, challenging, exciting to be part of a team.  From a parent and Coach perspective I see the many ways it develops them as a young adult.  It helps develop positive social skills and teaches respect for others. It helps build self-confidence, a positive self-image and self-worth.

The Lancer Organization drives to focus on teaching the game of football safely but also help each player learn to social skills talked about above.  We teach teamwork and respect for others on and off the field.  We coach them to confident in their actions and learn to pick themselves up and try again when they hit adversity.  They learn to have pride in their self.  If they are looking to play football in High School, the earlier they start the better.  It allows them to learn to tackle and block the “right” way and the “safe” way and build on that before High School.

  • When playing for the Lancers, they will be playing with school friends. Every Friday during the season the players wear their jerseys to school to show Team Pride and Unity.​
  • They are part of a big family that extends to the High School Lancers.  We attend games, We participate in the parade and practice and play on the same fields.  Lancer Cheer and Dance are also part of the family, performing at each game.  ​
  • All the Coaches are certified by UAS Football.  We work with the high school coaches to prepare the young Lancers for High School; this will help them get a head start on terminology, formations and fundamentals before joining the High School team. 
  • Lancers pride themselves with the best equipment.  All helmets are re-certified every other with Riddell (see article on the process they go through).